Treat Ideas Like Cats: And Other Creative Quotes to Inspire Creative People


Available now! As ye old publisher says, “'Treat Ideas Like Cats': That's the secret to creativity, according to Ray Bradbury. And to Steinbeck, ideas were like rabbits: quick to multiple. Everyone has their own idea as to how creativity works; inside, you'll find these ideas do quickly multiply, as dozens of writers, designers, and artists provide their own insight and advice on the creative process. Now it's your turn to take the lead and let creative inspiration follow you everywhere with Treat Ideas Like Cats.” My take: I've been a collector (hoarder?) of quotes about writing, art and design for years. These are the best. And this is sort of like my diary. Except illustrated by someone with artistic talent. And in much better penmanship.

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The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing: How to Write, Work & Thrive On Your Own Terms

By Zachary Petit

The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing is an A-Z on everything you need to know to write for magazines, from how to query to best practices for breaking in to what to be expect to be paid to working with editors to not going insane doing it all. All told in Zachary's blunt, purportedly funny style. Out now! Grab a copy from Amazon, the Writer's Digest Shop, or a bookstore or Target or Harvard Book Store or other place near you. (Or, hell, treat yourself to a signed copy right here.)

Advance praise from people Zachary didn't pay off:

“Funny, useful, and yes, essential.”
A.J. JacobsNew York Times best-selling author, editor at large at Esquire magazine, NPR commentator, and columnist for Mental Floss magazine

"Zachary Petit is the best editor I ever worked for. His Essential Guide to Freelance Writing is as brilliant, incisive and thorough as I expected. Do everything he says for a more successful career!" 
Susan Shapiro, New School writing professor and New York Times bestselling author of What's Never Said and Only As Good as Your Word: Writing Lessons From My Favorite Literary Gurus

“As both freelance writer and magazine editor, Zachary Petit has put together the finest (and most amusing) book I've read on how to break into professional writing and what to do once you get in the door. Funny, inspiring, and brimming with crucial nuts-and-bolts information, The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing should be on every freelancer's bookshelf.”
Melissa Rossi, former travel columnist and author of the What Every American Should Know book series

"Zachary Petit's The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing is exactly that: essential.  Covering every topic a freelancer might need to understand, from query letters to tax deductions, Petit has created a veritable freelancer's bible of insight and wisdom, replete with concrete examples. Suited for both the emerging writer hoping to break into the market and the trained veteran looking for a useful reference, The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing is a 'must-have' for independent writers. One wonders how we have survived for so long without such a volume."
Jacob M. Appel, author of Einstein's Beach House, Scouting for the Reaper, The Biology of Luck, and more

“Getting started as a freelance writer can seem like a daunting game: so much information to sort through and so many rules and stumbling blocks that seem designed to keep you out. Zachary Petit knows all about it, and that’s why he wrote this book. It’s blessedly simple, yet packed with all the information you need to figure out your own unique path into this business. Zac’s hard-won wisdom is both educational and entertaining. The Essential Guide to Freelance Writing can save you tons of time, help you earn more money, and keep you out of trouble while you’re doing it. If you grab a copy and read it, you’ll be well equipped to dive into the wonderful, lively, rewarding world of freelance writing.”
Elizabeth Sims, prize-winning novelist, and author of You’ve Got a Book in You: A Stress-Free Guide to Writing the Book of Your Dreams

"Want to score more writing gigs and earn well doing what you love? Here's your chance to learn the ins and outs of freelance writing from an actual editor and long-time writer who has seen it all—from difficult sources to snoozeworthy queries. Zac's book offers new writers insider tips … counterintuitive advice (that works!) … and a few naughty words (c'mon, you know they're funny)."
Linda Formichelli, co-author of Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race … And Step Into a Career You Love and co-owner of The Renegade Writer Blog and

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A Year of Writing Prompts: Story Ideas for Honing Your Craft and Eliminating Writer’s Block

By Brian A. Klems & Zachary Petit

Writer's block strikes hard, and it strikes fast. Brian A. Klems and Zachary Petit know. It's happened to them a thousand times over. That's why they put together this book of creative writing prompts to help inspire you to have one of the most productive years of writing in your life.